Getting Started

There are three ways you can enable Insite RealTime and start reaping the benefits. First, you can simply use our API call to receive full visitor profiles from the system whenever name and ZIP is provided. Second, you can install the solution within your existing site and landing pages. Third, you can request web development support to build you a fully function Insite RealTime enabled online presence.

API Web Self-Service:

The Insite RealTime API is based on SOAP, a protocol for exchanging XML-based messages over computer networks, providing the messaging framework upon which the Insite RealTime application is built. This well-defined interface ensures that the Insite RealTime application will work with both the American Spirit Data Solution's web servers as well as web hosting environments and applications that will remain under the control of the client. As it is a true WSDL implementation, the Insite RealTime API is self-describing. It has been tested with several different client implementations, including .NET, to ensure that it is compliant with systems that auto generate the interfaces to produce and consume SOAP-based messages.  Each consumer record delivered is now owned by you in a paid performance model.

Using Insite RealTime on Existing Sites and Landing Pages:

Once the API Web Service is installed, our professional services group will work with you to determine where and how to optimize the request for a visitors name and ZIP in your current environment. Pricing pages, banners on home pages or product feature pages are well suited to induce a visitor with a value exchange for their name and ZIP entry. Once in hand, dynamic HTML content can be delivered reflecting the visitors profile and what others like the current visitor have purchased or converted from in the past. As always, you now own that data record for your ongoing remarketing efforts.

Creating an Insite RealTime Enabled Web Presence or Landing Page:

American Spirit Data Solutions has dedicated third-party web developers who understand the power of Insite RealTime and can support you with best practices as part of a full web development engagement. So if you’re starting from scratch and don’t have the internal resources or development team to leverage Insite RealTime, we’ll put you in touch with a professional team who can help you make a start.

Our team is ready and able to help. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll contact you.

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