Automated Print Remarketing

A trigger program for your website….

Direct mail has long been a workhorse for consumer marketers. Insite RealTime enhances the direct mail spend... in real time. It is well known that consumers typically do not convert during their first visit to a website. More often than not, the visitor is doing research on a product or service and simply departs the site after their initial investigation. It is critical to identify and re-target these departed consumers in the window of time when they are most likely to transact.

Does your website have a trigger program? Insite RealTime dispatches 1:1 direct mail offers that match the demographics of each site visitor. Consumers visiting your pages should be considered high value prospects and reaching them with relevance and immediacy is a proven way to increase revenue.

  • Images and messaging that match the consumer profile.
  • Use your strongest Call to Action to re-target these site visitors in real time.
  • Paid performance model where no cost incurred until the consumer is identified and re-targeted.



You have an interest in a prospect's name, address and other demographics, which can be viewed on your private dashboard.


You now have numerous avenues to pursue to make your prospect a client. We can help you market to them, and others that look just like them, using our advanced data analytics tools.


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