Retargeting Options

Now that you have a demographic snapshot of your web visitor including what really motivates them to purchase your product based upon our TrueTouchSM behavioral identifiers, you can easily review those demographics on your Private Dashboard. 

Most importantly you are now perfectly positioned to reengage them both immediately and effectively through the use of our Retargeting Tools described below.  

Automated Print Retargeting
A consumer who visits your website is showing great interest in your product or service. Identifying the visitor in this specific window of time and triggering a strong inducement with custom messaging and imagery based on their now known profile is a proven retargeting strategy. A trigger program for your website! Click Here to See More on Automated Print Retargeting

Data Analytics & Reporting
Insite RealTime delivers a data composite for each site visitor identified. Who are these visitors? Where do they live? What are their interests? What personal attributes do they possess that you as a marketer would like to harness? Let ASDS help you mine for statistical relevance based on your actual site traffic. Click Here to See More on Data Analytics & Reporting

HEPS Program Services
As you continue to expand your prospect funnel through use of Insite RealTime, let ASDS employ our HEPS solution to sift through the daily traffic patterns and provide the Hygiene, Enrichment, Personalization and Segmentation strategy you need to effectively remarket to them. Click Here to See More on HEPS Program Services

Look Alike Program
With daily visitor demographics in hand from Insite RealTime, let ASDS help you cast a wider and smarter acquisition net. It stands to reason that someone visiting your page today shares a common profile with other consumers who may never have heard of your brand. Aligning your daily site visitor characteristics against our vast consumer databases is a proven way to expand. 

Form Abandonment Solution
It's no mystery that the more you ask of a consumer online, the more your abandonment rate soars. Use Insite RealTime to automatically append the data you need to deliver relevance and increase conversions.  Consumers will more widely offer their name and zip code as compared to a long web form or a request for their email address.  Any and all information you seek from your site visitors can be delivered automatically in response to name and zip.  If you’re ready to increase your form completion rates measurably…Insite RealTime can help. Click Here to See More on our Form Abandonment Solution

Email Appends
Let ASDS provide opt-in email addresses (where available) as part of your Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) program.



You have an interest in a prospect's name, address and other demographics, which can be viewed on your private dashboard.


You now have numerous avenues to pursue to make your prospect a client. We can help you market to them, and others that look just like them, using our advanced data analytics tools.


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